How important is the HearingEQity feature on Lightspeed aviation headsets?

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If you’re currently searching for your next aviation headset, you’ve no doubt seen a ton of different features, designs, and specifications. You’ll even see a wide array of options from the same manufacturer. Lightspeed Headsets, for example, offers three types of reliable headsets for pilots, each of which are known for their high quality materials and for providing great value to the customer.

So if you’ve already started checking out Lightspeed Headsets, you might be wondering about the HearingEQity feature available on the Delta Zulu aviation headset. Like any other product you’ve ever considered, it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether a feature is a simple marketing ploy or it it actually makes a difference in the performance and convenience of the product.

To answer that question, let’s look ahead to a time when your new headset arrives in the mail. You’ll open the box, probably dig right past the manual (you can read that later), and take out the headset. Maybe you’ll briefly inspect it to see how cool it looks, but within a few seconds, you’ll have it on your head to test the fit and feel. What if it’s a little too tight? Or what if the cups don’t quite fit over your ears? If anything about the fit doesn’t feel just right, you’ll probably send it back and order a different one. The fit and feel of a new aviation headset is crucial, especially since you’ll be wearing it for hours on end.

But just as crucial is to make sure the actual audio works perfectly for your unique hearing ability. That’s where the HearingEQity feature from Lightspeed Headsets comes in. This feature uses an automated 12-frequency hearing test to custom-build the audio settings based on your unique hearing profile. It’s almost like having your ear doctor in the factory when they’re making your new Lightspeed Headset. If you’ve ever sat in anyone else’s plane or car, you know how tricky it can be to adjust the seat to match your needs. Now, imagine wearing a headset with audio settings based on someone else’s hearing needs. That’s basically what you’re doing if you’re using other brands of pilot headsets without the HearingEQity feature.

Pilots love customizing our planes and equipment to match our own unique needs and style. Make sure you don’t short-change yourself when it comes to your headset. Take a look at the HearingEQity feature, available on the Delta Zulu from Lightspeed Headsets.

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